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Guelph VIA Rail station: Parking lot being improved

By shost at 4:12 pm on Friday, November 28, 2008

VIA Rail has listened and is adding about 20 spaces to the already crowded Downtown Guelph VIA lot. The expansion is coming out of the very large Guelph Train platform — essentially they are taking some of the platform and extending the lot towards the track equivelent to one parking space. This will likely allow the east end of the lot to be re-designed for greater capacity. However, this may come at a cost. Rumours have persisted for months that free parking will end and the VIA lot will end up similar to Kitchener — with pay for parking attendants and machines on-site. Nonetheless, a welcome improvement for an already tight commuter market. Persons interested in Alternatives to the VIA parking pricing is encouraged to look at the Baker St parking lot just north of the Station, where rates are quite reasonable.

- Steve

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City of Guelph to recommend Downtown Go Train station

By shost at 3:49 pm on Friday, November 28, 2008

The City of Guelph is apparently recommending the choice of  a GO station to be downtown, of the three alternatives presented. According to the 59 Carden St Blog (Guelph Mercury) the City is also acknowledging the lack of parking downtown as a possible problem, to be alleviated by the new Wilson St. Parking Garage.

May I remind the City of Guelph staff, and Councilors that the City of Barrie filled a new 400 parking space GO Parking lot within TWO WEEKS of inaguration of their GO train service. Within the year, GO added a further 228 parking spaces to the lot and has a capacity for 628 cars in total. This, within a year of inaguration.

The Wilson Street parking garage is expected to have 395 parking spaces.. and if it fills up, how many years will it take to resolve the problem? Does downtown Guelph have capacity for 400-600 free parking spaces for GO commuters over the next 5  years – located downtown if that is the only station location?

Do not forget that a second station plan MUST be in the 3-5 year time frame if you want GO to remain a success. This station MUST have adequate park and ride capabilities. 600 spaces within 5 years, 1500 spaces within 10 years, and 2500-3000 parking spaces (a parking garage, similar to what you find at the Burlington GO Station) within a 15-20 year timeframe. Can downtown handle this, or will this plan be moved to the east or west ends of the City, or both?


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