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Guelph GO: Downtown requires 210 parking spaces initially says GO Transit

By shost at 12:58 pm on Friday, December 12, 2008

Some commentary from the Guelph community (as published in the papers). GO has submitted that Guelph would require 210 parking spaces downtown for 4 trips per day.


Guelph Mercury editorial:


“But instead of constructing a costly second station, that standalone parking area — either at the ex-Lafarge site or another locale — should be linked with Guelph Transit buses that would bring commuters to the Via station.”

This is exactly what GO does with existing GO BUS service. Links park and ride stations to GO train service , where the demand is lower, or train service is unavailable. When demand grows, and train service is possible, GO preferrs to have the train fufil the role. However, the unique idea here is a Guelph Transit / GO Transit partnership. Could it work? 5 or 10 minute service, express to downtown might… but then who would pay for the ride downtown? GO ticket, or the commuter? and at what cost in time?

An editorial by Unto Kihlani


“If a new parking structure is critical to the success of a new GO transit service here, then perhaps the province should build and pay for it instead of us.”

In other news, later today, GO is submitting it’s “GO 2020″ plan to the Board and Media and some details should be released that may impact future GO plans for this region. I will summarize when more information is available.



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