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Jeff Outhit/KW Record Editorial: GO Trains will be slow trains

By shost at 7:50 am on Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jeff Outhit of the KW Record has posted his opinion of the speed of the proposed GO Trains


Jeff also wrote an article a few years ago about the Toronto commute:


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Guelph Tribune discusses GO Parking issues

By shost at 12:03 pm on Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Guelph Tribune has dug into the parking issues facing the City of Guelph with regards to the proposed GO expansion. First, they discussed the ridership forecast and other details:


Next they discuss the Parking issues:


Of interest, they are noting that Guelph will have a direct bus connection from all points in the city, whereas in Kitchener, the distance from the bus terminal and the GO Station is considerable (2-4 KM).

Weigh your opinion by commenting on this post below..!

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How your train service schedule could look in 2011..

By shost at 11:23 am on Tuesday, August 11, 2009
Guelph Eastbound (to Toronto):
co. train number time originates status
GO 204 05:53 Kitchener new
GO 206 06:17 Kitchener new
Via 86 07:01 London existing (at 07:05)
GO 210 07:13 Kitchener new
GO 252 08:13 Kitchener new
Via 84 09:52 Sarnia existing
Via 684 13:33 London new
Via 686 16:43 London new
Via 688 19:33 London new
Via 88 21:55 Sarnia existing (at 22:09)
Guelph Westbound (from Toronto):
co. train number time terminates status
Via 85 12:01 Sarnia existing (at 12:25)
Via 683 14:11 London new
GO 281 16:57 Kitchener new
GO 205 17:35 Kitchener new
Via 685 17:41 London new
GO 209 18:35 Kitchener new
Via 87 18:52 Sarnia existing (at 19:01)
Via 687 19:41 London new
GO 269 20:10 Kitchener new
Via 89 23:08 London existing (at 23:22)

The above table, created by David Graham in his article here could be your train schedule for Guelph (not including bus service!) for commuters and travellers alike in 2011. What a stark contrast from todays schedule (via rail website)


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Guelph Mercury Editorial: GO Transit expansion plans to Guelph are good news all around

By shost at 11:08 am on Tuesday, August 11, 2009

From contributor David Graham comes this piece he wrote in the Guelph Mercury for their Editorial board:


Where he summarizes the good things proposed for the North Mainline. However, he clearly states the next problem will be Parking in Guelph. In my words, GO Transit is effectively downloading the issue of parking to the City of Guelph until a second station is built with enough parking spaces to meet commuter demand.  I also question how GO ticketholders will acquire parking in downtown Guelph, will it be for payment, or will there be an integrated ticketing/parking solution? (This issue will likely not be decided unless the GO service is approved).

One can look at Union Station as an example where no free parking is provided.. but how many others exist? Reader comments highly encouraged..

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KW Record: New GO Service is on the right route

By shost at 10:46 am on Wednesday, August 5, 2009

With thanks to longtime reader/contributor Nick Alexandrou — who notified us of an editorial by the KW Record staff, an exerpt which summarizes the article:

“One point may be stated with certainty. The Toronto-Waterloo Region connection is only going to increase in the years ahead. There is a lot of work still to do on this proposal, but for any driver stuck in traffic on Highway 401, GO trains — even at the estimated costs — can’t come fast enough.”

And here is the link to the full article: http://news.therecord.com/Opinions/Editorials/article/580072

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