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Elections 2010: We started GOKW.ORG four years ago, what has changed?

By shost at 10:59 pm on Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just over four years ago, we started GOKW.ORG to lobby for GO transit service to Waterloo region and Guelph. Little was known in the public eye about GO to our regions and while some of the then-current councillors and mayors were pursuing it (through the NMMA), it was most certainly not much of an election issue.

August 2006 – Enter GOKW.ORG — in a couple short months, we had GO Transit as election issues in most wards and regions, helped by polling every single candidate in the area to help raise awareness, and yours truly even appeared on CKCO TV to help kick things off.

Back then almost everyone who responded was in favour of GO Trains, and GO Transit, and today  everyone including our Federal and Provincial levels of Government seem to be aware of the opportunity.

Thanks to all of our readers and Politicians, and GO Transit staff the EA has been completed, yet funding is required to proceed with the project. This is a big problem, and without the official announcement we do not know if GO Trains will be here in 2, 5, or 10 years. Clearly, they will not arrive by 2011, but no one is saying for certain..

In a perfect world we would survey candidates again, but your 2006 volunteers including myself do not have the free time we used to. Thusly, If anyone wants to volunteer to conduct a survey, we would most certainly welcome your help, but I would in the least recommend each and every reader to e-mail their candidates and ask them what they think about the GO Transit situation, and add it to your list of election issues that may help you decide who to vote for.

Kind Regards,

-Stephen C. Host

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