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increased safety, capacity for reverse commuting, and more VIA trains coming by 2013 with Federal support for CTC track signalling and improvements

By shost at 7:40 pm on Thursday, January 19, 2012

It would appear, according to this slide from the VIA Board of Directors, dated June 14 2011 a major investment in track capacity and track improvements is coming. The major investment will be CTC signalling, plus high speed, automated switches, improved sidings, and road crossing protection (such as bells, gates, and warning devices)

This would , in the least provide

And all of this was planned in the EA for GO Transit expansion, but the news is it appears to be funded. Announcements or confirmation of this is forthcoming, stay tuned.

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VIA Rail plans for CTC on Guelph sub?

By shost at 9:46 pm on Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some readers may be aware of my issues with or North Mainline, dark territory, and the amount of passenger traffic now on the line..

And then a reader sent this in today:


“VIA is improving safety and capacity on the Guelph Subdivision with the introduction of a Centralized Traffic Control system (Wayside Signals) for the control of train movements, upgraded passing sidings plus new and upgraded crossing warning systems and security fencing. These changes allow for three additional round trips on the Subdivision (which is part of the busy Toronto-London-Sarnia route).

  • CTC
  • new sidings
  • fencing
  • equip sidings with dual control remotely controlled switch machines
  • warning devices, gates, lights and cantilevers”


  • Is this funded?
  • This has been planned for a few years, but has this plan been reactivated?
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Where to buy tickets at Guelph or Kitchener stations?

By shost at 9:50 pm on Sunday, January 8, 2012

I have had a reader ask, and get a rather confusing answer, on where to buy tickets. You’d think you’d just buy them at respective stations, but can readers please comment on exactly where you can buy GO tickets?

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Updates: Kitchener Transit hub not till 2015, GO fare increase coming in February

By shost at 12:26 pm on Sunday, January 8, 2012

First of all, those in Kitchener hoping for integrated Transit will have to wait until 2015 at the earliest, while Guelph will begin to use theirs early in 2012.

Or in other terms, those using the Free parking at the Kitchener transit hub site will get to enjoy this amenity for a few years at least. :)

Secondly, for those new to using Metrolinx/GO — GO will raise fares across the system at the same time for all GO services, and one such hike is on the way.  Reader Trevor Heywood sends this in to GOKW.ORG and his information is given below:

“GO Transit is asking the Metrolinx board to increase fares system wide. The last fare increased occurred in March 2010. It will be a 3-tiered approach, with commuters who travel farther facing a larger increase:

* $4.20 — $5.50: +30 cents
* $5.51 — $7.00: +35 cents
* > $7.00: +40 cents

A memo from Metrolinx chief financial officer Robert Sidall stated that Metrolinx has faced significant growth in its ridership, but revenue from this ridership growth alone is not enough to pay for increasing operational costs and new projects. He also hinted that Ontario's current fiscal situation played a factor, and that Metrolinx needed to consider preparing for the future to keep its budget balanced.

The fare increases will raise Metrolinx/GO Transit revenues by $19.5 million. It would be contributed towards improving parking capacity, customer communications, service reliability, facilities and maintenance, and increased capacity in trains and buses.

Fare increases would be effective February 18. The Metrolinx board will discuss it Monday."
A link to a major newspaper report on the story here
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