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$20 million parking garage approved for Guelph

By shost at 10:39 pm on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Commuters rejoice: While it’s a small walk to the GO Station, it’s still downtown:


As a taxpayer – I’m happy the City of Guelph is deferring Neeve St to GO Transit – Approach Go, offer them the land in lieu of a parking garage – a great solution. Metrolinx pics up the tab at their other stations.

But why does a parking spot in Guelph cost $42,000 to build? At $100/month for a parking permit the payback rate, assuming 100% occupancy is 35 YEARS!

YEARS! That’s right. I’m sorry but as a taxpayer I want some of that money back – why not sell the land to a private operator and let them build a parking garage? Or, double the parking pass rate.. essentially we’re subsidising 50-75% of the parking permit rates and the rest is operating costs/maintenance. It’s not really a good deal for Local taxpayers.

But great news for commuters who don’t mind paying for a parking pass.

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