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The case for westbound GO service to Waterloo region

By shost at 1:22 am on Friday, February 13, 2009

GO Transit has been built on the philosophy that people in and around the GTA Commute to downtown Toronto. This philosophy has hardly changed over the last 30 years, owing to the fact the majority of users are in fact commuting in this direction. However, times are changing. The notion that GO is considering westward trains seem to indicate a change. But we must see this through.

Waterloo region (and Guelph) are growing rapidly and independently of the GTA. Consider the Waterloo technology industry — employing tens of thousands of people, companies such as Research in Motion, OpenText, Descartes, ComDev, Intelligent Mechatronic Systems, Sandvine, amongst many others. As an employee of this industry, I must stress that the growth that is occuring in Waterloo as a result of this sectors success can only continue if we find the right talent to fill the thousands of available open positions. This often means we are forced to recruit talent from the Toronto area, where the capture rate of this talent is lowered due to commute distance and/or moving costs.

If Waterloo region and Guelph are to become a successful, independent growth engine of the Ontario economy,  we need to look outward to attract talent using transit. Let’s GO WEST and help our employers attract the talent they require.

- Steve Host

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Comment by shost

February 17, 2009 @ 9:28 pm

News like the following underscores the spirit of this post:
“Blackberry says looking for 3,000 recruits

February 16 2009:
BARCELONA (AFP) — The maker of Blackberry phone handsets, Canada’s Research In Motion, said on Monday it was recruiting 3,000 new workers to keep pace with demand despite the global economic crisis.

“We have grown our employees base by 50 percent in 2008. And we’re still hiring and we plan to keep hiring. We have growth in our business,” co-chief executive Jim Balsillie told AFP on the sidelines of an industry event.”

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Comment by Gord

February 25, 2009 @ 11:16 pm

The sooner they extend west, the better. Finding carpools may be a good interim solution for those doing the milton-waterloo commute, but long term growth for ontario would require extending some sort of public transit westward.

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