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Waterloo Rapid Transit vote tonight: 5 PM June 24 2009 – overview and more information

By shost at 1:09 pm on Wednesday, June 24, 2009

As the council meeting and vote is tonight starting at 5 PM, area residents may find some of the information here useful. Remember to e-mail your elected representatives to tell them how you think.

Implementation plans, preferred routes, maps, and other information:


In short, the choices are:

  • Bus Rapid Transit
  • Light Rail Transit

The preferred solution is the Light Rail option, with a staged implementation, starting with Light Rail from Conestoga Mall to Fairway Mall in Kitchener. To Cambridge, users would switch to a Bus Rapid Transit system which would end in Galt.

Below is a link to a video series by CKCO TV, gives an overview of the RT plans, and also acknowledges and shows videos of Waterloo Regions past transit systems (Grand River Railway)


For those in Guelph: We could in theory be connected to this sytem between Guelph and Hespeler using the now freight only rail line, and/or we will be connected at the Intermodal Railway Station proposed between the LRT/VIA/GO at King St in Kitchener, or both. GO integration would be almost immediate, but any link to Hespeler/Cambridge would be 10-20 years away.

More articles of interest:

Light Rail Transit Is Only Part Of A Plan To Change The Face Of K.W.”


“Waterloo councillors prefer spur line for rapid transit”


570 news “Rapid transit report still looking at trains”:


Good luck to Waterloo region on this most pivotal day in their history.

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Comment by David H

June 24, 2009 @ 1:31 pm

I wouldn’t mind seeing a connection from Sportsworld or Fairway Road; maybe we could hook the airport up at the same time.

I hope they don’t wait too long to connect Cambridge properly. The longer they do, the more it’s going to cost, and the longer they’ll put it off as a consequence.

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Comment by mdruker

June 24, 2009 @ 3:07 pm

I hope the building of LRT in Waterloo Region, combined with the extension of GO to K-W, will serve as a tipping point for serious transit in the region, broadly speaking. Perhaps that would make it easier to consider strong rail links between Cambridge, Guelph, and Hamilton.

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