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Guelph Mercury: “Guelph council approves heritage factory demolition”

By shost at 10:29 am on Wednesday, April 28, 2010


While Council decided unanimously, there was certainly controversy

““I think of the shack we wouldn’t let be torn down for some poor citizen, and yet we’re going to tear down a cotton mill,” Coun. Gloria Kovach said.”

Susan Ratcliffe, president of the local branch of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario”“I’m here to ask you to leave this site on the municipal register . . . to allow for an extra 60 days’ thinking time, investigation time, consultation time to investigate the best use for this irreplaceable site,” Ratcliffe said.”

I hate to say it, while I agree that preservation of heritage is important — all these extra studies, and thinking time (Lafarge lands, Imico site, Jail Lands) have wasted so many good opportunities, the City of Guelph seems to be the king of studies, delays, and foot-dragging. Imico and Lafarge is still a wasteland, and the Jail Lands are underutilized.  I’m glad Council has seen this is the only opportunity for a multi-modal transit terminal and decided not to drag on any longer.

It would be in the best interest of the City AND heritage not only to remove from the designation list — but THEN pursue GO transit to see if anything can be preserved in the kiss-n-ride design. Remove the risk that we will lose the transit terminal, THEN see if GO has any wiggle room in preservation efforts.

It seems this is now the only recourse of the heritage folks..

And for those who want to see what the Transit Terminal is going to look like, check these images out at Guelph Politico blog:


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