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$300M spent on commuter transit to Peterborough? What about Orangeville, and Guelph Junction Railway?

By shost at 1:00 pm on Sunday, January 23, 2011

Conservative MP Del Maestro has apparently secured $300 million ($150M Federal, $150M Provincial) to upgrade the Peterborough rail line (currently NO passenger service of any kind) for commuter services, independent of GO:

(Note: these documents are intended for transit advocates, policy gurus, and councillor/administration type people and are very detailed, you have been warned!)

Progress report #1 (PDF)

Commuter rail report (PDF)

Ridership update (MS Powerpoint)

The fact Peterborough is going forward with Commuter trains is humbling — may show a shift to inagurate services to smaller communities that GO passes over due to lower ridership. This fact is not lost on the Town of Orangeville according to this editorial

Our Public Transit policy: it’s clearly off the rails

I would suggest the Credit Valley Explorer train be used for commuters to Brampton GO and Streetsville GO.

While GO Transit is coming to Guelph and Kitchener-Waterloo — A couple details stick its thorny head out:

Peterborough is getting 20 TIMES (that’s a multiple of 20) more money than the KW/Guelph line is in 2011 to start services

Peterborough would be almost equivelent to inagurating GO train service on the Guelph Junction Railway to Toronto. This may not be a bad idea if policy shifts continue to adding more Train services - Guelph commuters would use the choice to get off on the Milton line such as in Milton, Mississauga, as the current GO Bus service provides.

Having said all of this — I’ll believe the Peterborough services when they happen. A sudden change in Government could kill these plans before they get off the ground..

Last update for the week is the news of a study for GO electrification on the Georgetown and Lakeshore lines. Technically, Guelph will be on the Georgetowne line and technical limitations may force electrification through our Territory, or not. This is many years down the road…

- Steve

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Comment by Leo

January 23, 2011 @ 3:13 pm

Thanks for the update. This is very interesting.

The Powerpoint link is broken. It should point to http://www.deandelmastro.ca/media/20080513-DelMastro-RidershipPP.ppt

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Comment by Tom West

January 24, 2011 @ 10:18 am

My understanding was that the MP reckoned the upgarde would cost only $300m, depsite a profesisonal report estimating it would cost double that.

The trouble with service Peterborugh is that (1) the line is knackered (and is currently limietd to 10mph), and so would have to be completely rebuilt; and (2) the line mostly passes through greenbelt, so will never have the ridership to justify the expense.

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