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Guelph VIA Station and Neeve St Tunnel/Pedestrian Access to close in 1-2 months

By shost at 9:58 pm on Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some welcome (for some) and not so welcome ( for current commuters) changes to the lay of the land downtown in Guelph:

a) CN and the City have agreed to fence the area surrounding the tracks around Neeve St, which is a popular, but technically illegal crossing of the Railway corridor.

b) But there is the pedestrian underpass at Neeve St.. right? Not for much longer — this will also be closed, and filled in, forcing pedestrians to walk the long way around at Woolwich or Wyndham St. It also appears all of this will be completed within a month or tw.

While I welcome this news from safety perspective (this reduces risk of injury or fatalities that have so often occured in Guelph due to illegal tresspassing on live railway tracks) commuters and pesdestrians have to wait a few months or years until GO completes their proposed tunnel from the Kiss ‘n Ride to the new GO Station. Note that GO will pay for 100% of the new tunnel once constructed.

The real question for those affected by this is — when will GO build the Kiss ‘n ride, and the new tunnel? Is any of this part of the $18m Guelph/Kitchener GO expansion for later this year?

For more from the Guelph Tribune, visit this link

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Comment by EnviroTO

February 2, 2011 @ 11:10 pm

I have a hard time believing there will be a tunnel built during Phase I of the GO-Kitchener project. The original EA (section 8.2.3) detailed an Opening Day Scenario which had a much larger budget than what has been promised so far didn’t mention tunnels and elevators until the Future phase. Compare the $18M allocated for the project to the EA’s $124.9M opening day scenario and its $396.1M futue buildout (section 8.8). Something was cut back.

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