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Province’s big plan for GO Transit – no all day service to KW/Guelph anytime soon, an analysis:

By shost at 3:09 pm on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Here’s a quick analysis of what the Province is promising for upgrades on Go Transit. Keeping in mind this would be at the whim of the government in power – and ONLY projects currently funded and under construction would continue in the event of a turn of party in the next election:


In no particular order:

All day electrified service (15 minutes) would be on the Kitchener line from Bramalea only to Union Station- mirroring the current all day affairs on the Kitchener line.

Weekend/evening service (off peak) 60 minute or better service, ALL DAY to the Hamilton GO Centre (Assuming this is the TH&B Station at Hunter St)

  • I am not sure how this is possible – the Hunter St CP tunnel will restrict all day service unless CP has a change of heart – or a new tunnel will be added at a huge cost!

15 minute peak service to Hamilton GO Centre (TH&B)

30 minute peak service to James St. North

30 minute peak service Kitchener to Toronto

Remember: this peak service simply means how often a train departs. Right now it’s 60 minute service out of Kitchener. Double the trains? Now 30 minutes. Four departures each way out of Kitchener will make for 30 minute service.

Finally – Kitchener will finally get an express train (or two?) – this has yet to be defined how. I would imagine it would be Kitchener-Guelph-Action-Georgetown and run express to Union from there.

What’s going to hold this back for GOKW residents? Number 1 – the Shirley Rd layover facility is absolutely required before any doubling of train service to KW. The shovels may be nearly in the ground this year but the project is just getting started. HOWEVER – if you look at the layout of the existing former Clarke transport facility at Shirley – Go could just add  power and HEP hookups on the existing tracks and park trains on the existing track layout – in other words an expedited and ready made layover yard was purchased without having to construct one from scratch. Number two – CTC – CTC is expected to be commissioned in 2015 and continues to be installed all along the London to Georgetown (at Silver on the Guelph subdivision).  I wouldn’t expect any added service to Kitchener before sometime in 2016..

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