Craps Strategy – Play Craps Online

Would you like to know what the game is the easiest to play? Surely, this is craps. The rules are simple. Gamblers make bets on the dice roll outcome and the winner gets the money prize. To become a successful player, you need to learn how to play craps and use the craps strategy correctly.

Craps Strategy

How To Choose The Best Craps Strategy

There is a great diversity of craps strategies. Before you choose the game tactics, try to understand better how they work, read some articles, or watch some videos. Remember the following:

  1. Your pass and come bets should be kept at a minimum, then make up the rest of the wagers by laying the odds.
  2. The most effective strategies are Pass/Don’t Pass, Come/Don’t Come, the Place 6, Place 8, Field 2, and 12. If you pick them up, the house edge will only be about 1.40%.
  3. When you have a lucky string, make proposition bets as they offer good payouts.
  4. If the things are getting not well, avoid hard-way 4 or 10 as this strategy presumes a house advantage of 11 %.
  5. Placing 6 and 8 is the best strategy if you want to pick up your numbers instead of waiting for the shooter to establish a point.

On the whole, craps is a challenging game. It’s impossible to control the rolling dice and the craps game is determined by luck but understanding the odds can help you make the right move and tell you which bets are to be chosen based on the odds.

The Best Casinos To Practice Craps

The following casino websites with best bonuses give the best opportunity to explore the rules and immerse into the atmosphere of the real game.

  • Play Amo offers a wide choice of games that are good for learning the craps strategy and making a profit. But still, some games may be a bit difficult for beginners. To win decent amounts of money, you need to study the rules well.
  • Royal Vegas is a cutting-edge operator featuring various statistics displays and a great interface that facilitates the manipulation of the numbers and bets.
  • Spin Casino is a website offering a great variety of carps variations with pleasant music and excellent graphics.
  • JackpotCity provides many high-quality craps game simulators. Such software recreates the realistic game atmosphere.
  • Vegas Craps offers both simplified and advanced games for players of different levels. This website provides unique betting controls. The user can cancel or reset the bet using the settings tab.
  • Ruby Fortune stands out due to bright graphics and supreme interface.

Before you master this game of challenge, you’ll have to practice your skills and abilities a lot. To work out the best winning strategy, each craps player needs to select the casino that provides the best opportunities for the gambling skills upgrade without any risks and investments.