Best craps strategy now on your phone: oldest of the gambling games!

3 Feb

Best craps strategy now on your phone: oldest of the gambling games!

Best craps strategy: options for victory

In the modern gambling business, slot machines have gained the most popularity due to a large number of advantages, such as ease of play, large jackpots, a huge number of bonuses in the form of free spins and money replenishment for a deposit, as well as excellent sound and graphic accompaniment.

However, there is a game that is in no way inferior in this respect to slot machines and in craps best free craps strategy – the ability to play craps table. Features of such games are simplicity and convenience for the user, for example, in that:

  • No need to learn the rules, just need to start the gameplay and enjoy the game;
  • Excellent graphics, which makes you feel like in a real land-based casino and a player playing a real game;
  • Great traditions, since dice and best craps strategy have a long history, several millennia;
  • Big wins, at low cost for bets.

All this makes the craps game attractive to numerous players around the world.

Gameplay features

First of all, before exploring the best craps strategy you need to learn more about the rates and their options in the game. The rules of the game in craps suggest varieties of bets for other players. Consider them.

Pass Line – the bet of the first stage of the game. With a loss of 7, 11 wins, with 2, 3, 12 – loses, when determining Point continues to play.

Don’t Pass Line is the opposite of Pass Line and is done in the first stage. Winning at 2.3, losing at 7, 11, returning to the player at 12, while determining Point, continues to play.

Come – a bet of any stage, placed on the next Point. Drop 7, 11 – win, drop 2.3, 12 – loss. Any other number will already be Come Point, so the bet will move to the corresponding sector of the field and can win if Come Point falls earlier than seven. You cannot change, remove a bet until the end of the game.

Don’t Come – bet after determining Point. At 12, return to the player, at 2.3 wins, at 7, 11 loses. Any other number creates Don’t Come Point, so the bet goes to the corresponding sector of the field. Wins on a roll of 7 before Don’t Come Point.

Pass Line Odds – an additional bet to increase the existing Pass Line after determining Point. Don’t Pass Line Odds – an additional bet to increase the existing Don’t Pass Line Odds when Point is determined.

  • Big Six – a bet on a loss of 6 before 7.
  • Any Craps (C) – bet on the loss of 2, 3, 12 in the next throw.
  • Craps Two – bet on the next roll 2.
  • Big Eight – bet on a loss of 8 before 7.
  • Craps Twelve – bet on the roll of 12 in the next throw.

And this is not the whole list of craps bets.

Strategy Options

In a craps game, the best craps strategy is considered to be the one that is the most simple to execute. One of the simplest and most effective strategies is to place a $ 12 bet on 6 and 8, respectively. In case one of the numbers falls out, the bet is lowered to $ 6 and the game is continued until 7 or two of our numbers fall out. Thus, you are guaranteed to win $ 2, which is very good for beginners and best strategy for craps.

Also, best craps betting strategy lies in some other aspects. Do not give yourself the will and the opportunity to “recoup” – before starting the game, set the maximum limit, the initial amount, to which you will not add a cent afterwards. Even if it seems to you that you are missing out on a sure thing, give up the game for a while to catch up later.

Gambling addiction is not the best craps strategy, it is not a myth and certainly not something that you will never run the risk of encountering. It is highly desirable to set the upper threshold for winning, upon reaching which you finish the game and leave the gambling establishment with a profit.

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