Learn how to play craps and how to win at craps

how to win at craps 6 May

Learn how to play craps and how to win at craps

If you want to play the game that will test your luck, craps should be the perfect choice for you. This is a very simple game that seems to be very complicated at the beginning. But with just a little experience, the game becomes a wonderful time-spending option. In the online version of the game, the gamer needs only to make his bet on the result of rolling that he thinks will appear, and press the button Play on the screen.

While no one can influence the rolling of dice, since it is programed with the random generator in the online version, the gamer can make some impact on the game applying one or another betting strategy. Making right bets, the gamer can increase his winning chances.

How to win at craps in an online casino

Craps is known as a table game, because it uses a game table where all the actions happen. There are two dice in the game that are thrown in the middle of that table. The result of that throw is what matters in the game. All bets are placed on the result and if the guess is right, the player wins.

how to win at craps online

There are many combinations of dice sides that can happen in the game. Since this number is incredibly huge, but still limited, it was calculated by the computer technology along with the probability of each combination. Knowing these probabilities, the gamer can create his own betting strategy or simply use the existing one that are based on the same probabilities. But basically, the gamer learns what combinations can happen more often, yet bring smaller winnings, and what combos are really rare, but promise huge payouts.

Basic craps rules and principles

Usually, the game happens with several players, and each of them makes the rolling in his turn. The turn goes to the next shooter when the previous one loses. The new shooter starts a new betting round. With each player, the round starts with the first come-out roll, which can result in the following situations:

  1. if dice show a 2, 3, or 12, the gamer loses, but gets to throw dice again;
  2. if dice show a 7 or 11, the gamer wins and throws dice again;
  3. if dice show other numbers that are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, the gamer creates a point with that particular number he received and throws dice again and again until he gets this number and wins or gets a 7 and loses.

The round is considered lost if the gamer sevens out – it means that he gets a 7 prior to receiving a point.

Craps: how to win more often

Since different bets have different odds, you need to choose ones with the best odds if you want to win more often. The following bets are your best options:

  • “Pass” is the first one you should consider learning how to win at craps; Pass wins when the come-out roll ends up with 7 and 11, or the point is received before a 7;
  • “Don’t Pass” wins when the come-out roll ends up with 2 and 3 or the player sevens up;
  • “Come” is made after fixing the point and wins when a 7 and 11 are received (loses with a 2, 3, 12);
  • “Don’t Come” wins with a 2 and 3 and loses with a 7 and 11.

Pass and Don’t Pass as well as Come and Don’t Come work opposite to each other, and all have the lowest house edge in the game.

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