Craps simulator – the best way to practice the game and understand its rules and features

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Craps simulator – the best way to practice the game and understand its rules and features

Craps simulator is the most convenient way to practice and play craps online right from your home. It is considered as one of the most popular casino games today, where special dice are used. The game is held between a shooter and a dealer. As for the basic craps rules, they are not complicated at all: all the players sit on a special table where they have to make bets. They start the game with the two cubes, called hexagons. The players roll the dice one by one and the winners are mostly chosen, depending on certain combinations that were drawn. Also, the craps game has a very nice feature – a huge betting field, where a player can place up to ten bets per game.

Best craps simulators to polish your skills

Craps simulator is a great option to practice craps for the ones who want to play it directly from home. And it is very convenient as it gives you the atmosphere of the real casino thanks to its amazing graphics and sounds, plus helps you to practice a lot, learn the rules, and understand its principles. But the best thing about online craps is the ability to play it for free with no risks and stress. To choose a suitable simulator, you need to pay attention to such features as the range of bets, its payouts, and the opportunity to play with other real people. So, there are some of the best craps simulators that you can enjoy playing right at your home:

  1. WinCraps – is a great simulator that will be easy for the new players, and powerful for the professionals. It has all the necessary features to enjoy the game: simple and convenient interface, take/lay odds, a lot of statistics screens. Plus, it offers an exclusive “Auto-Betting” feature, which helps to create your own strategy to use it automatically while playing;
  2. Vegas Craps – is provided by Microgaming and offers a complete set of features. The simulator also offers both advanced and simplified versions to be comfortable for every player with any skills. There is also good betting control where can be possible to reset or cancel the bet;
  3. CrapsAge – good and easy software with beautiful graphics and nice music. Also, it has all the useful information about craps, its rules, history, and features;
  4. Craps from Microgaming – this simulator may seem too complicated for a new player, but spending enough time to study it, you will enjoy all the great features of this software and will be able to play for real money and get big winnings;
  5. Craps by Playtech – is a free and interesting simulator which will bring you a lot of joy thanks to its realistic interface, good odds to win, and unusual graphics.

Playing craps simulator, you will get an unforgettable experience and a lot of practice. They are absolutely free and you don’t take any risks while using them.

Other ways of practicing craps

The craps game with two dice is exciting and very reckless. The advantages of playing Craps for free are obvious: you can get acquainted with the game without betting for real money. Also, the free game will help you to create your own strategies and try any combinations as many times as you want. So you can get used to the game and find suitable bets for yourself. And of course, you will definitely have noo stress at all, only fun and enjoyment. You can practice craps for free in many ways:

  • Find good simulators and learn all its rules;
  • Download free apps of craps to your mobile device;
  • Try demo versions of the main craps games;
  • Communicate with other players and practice with them.

So, as you could understand, craps is a game of challenge and before starting to play it for real money, it’s necessary to study all its rules, create good strategies and practice it with other players, or just by using online craps simulators for free.

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