One more popular game in online and offline casinos. How and where to play Craps Table Layout?

10 Feb

One more popular game in online and offline casinos. How and where to play Craps Table Layout?

Craps table layout: how to play

Craps Odds is a very old game, which takes its birth in Egypt. It became known like Craps because the less pleasant combination looks like crab eyes. From the first sight it is a very complicated and hard game (and it is, in some cases), but knowledge of rules and strategies makes it easier. Now we’ll move into rules to let you understand about how it works.

Let’s get Craps Table layout explained

There’s nothing special from the first sight. You just bet, shoot dices and win, or lose. Nevertheless, there are more rules and tips to learn about Craps Table layouts. Here are some:

  • Every player will throw dices, at this moment he/she is called a shooter;
  • Come out rol: that’s how the first shooter’s roll is called in Craps Table layoutl;
  • You never know what comes next – Snake Eyes, or Naturals;
  • Up to 8 can play this game.

When shooter makes a first throw, there might be three variants of its result. First of it is called natural numbers, or, shortly, naturals: land from 7 to 11. By this point those who bet to Pass line, wins, while those who bets Don’t pass line – lose, while shooter has the next shoot until he got 7 or craps. Crap numbers are 2, 3 and 12: if a shooter has them, all the bets on a Pass line, lose, while bets on Don’t pass line win. Another one variant is a point number: this may be a 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10, and game might go until a shooter reaches this point again.

What bets could be during Craps table layout?

Here are 7 of them:

  • Pass line in Craps Table layout;
  • Come;
  • Place;
  • Don’t;
  • Proposition;
  • Field;
  • Big Six and Big Eight.

All these bets has their own varieties.

Language of Craps Table Layout

This thing is completely historical: all the terms of the Craps Dice game were formed during its evolution (and some of them differ even from casino to casino!). Table supervisor, who sits opposite the stickman and between the dealers is called Boxman. A plastic disc to mark a Point number is called Marker.

Moreover, Right bettor is the one who bets Pass line, and Wrong Bettor is the one who plays against the shooter. Here are also some more terms for bets: Hi-Lo is a bet for 2 or 12 on dices, and Hard way is to bet on 4, 6, 8 or 10 on dices to win in case they would roll with double combinations (2-2, 3-3 and so on).

Best casinos to play Craps Table layout online

There are a lot of lists with best online casinos to play Craps Table Layout game. Some of them provides players with free bets to practice before playing it for real. Here are some variants for you to choose from the huge variety of online Craps Table layout slots with dices:

  • N1 Casino;
  • Party Casino;
  • Unique Casino;
  • Playojo Casino (offers free spins in Craps Table layout).

Enjoy playing Craps Table layout for free and for real with knowledge of rules and terms. Good luck!

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