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Hamilton GO Center layover plans

By shost at 2:48 pm on Thursday, April 17, 2008

Above — the plans for the Hamilton Lakeshore West layover facility. It does not get any cheaper than this, folks. Both existing tracks will be utilized, essentially with power and maintenance connections, a new building (substation/maintenance), and the trains will  just sit there, quietly, overnight. (Engines will be shut down due to fact they will be connected to power). Mainline CP trains will pass on the third track which will not be used by GO Transit.

Information provided by Bob Brattina, Ward 2 (Hamilton) Councillor. Thanks!

- Steve

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Tourist Train announced for Guelph, Ontario

By shost at 1:15 pm on Monday, April 14, 2008

A local Tour operator in Guelph, Ontario has announced a Tourist Train which will operate from Guelph to Guelph Junction, Ontario. While this does not bring any commuter benefit, it makes one wonder what ‘could be’ given the fact it will be a passenger train operating close to the Milton GO Line.

The Guelph Historical Railway Association has picked up a press release by Destiny Tours International discussing details of the tourist operation, which will feature full service meals “view(ing) the rolling scenery of the environmentally protected Greenbelt of Ontario.”.

It’s not everyday a new passenger train is announced in our region, therefore I thought it interesting to post here.



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Fourth morning Hamilton departure to be added on Lakeshore line in 2008 due to new layover facility

By shost at 9:48 pm on Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fourth morning Hamilton departure to be added on Lakeshore Line in  2008 due to new Layover facility

In addition to the Liuna Station (Hamilton North) improvements mentioned on http://gokw.org earlier this year, which itself have no start date, The Hamilton Spectator (April 12) reports that GO is quickly forging ahead with service improvements to Hamilton using the existing station. Starting in 2008, GO will add a fourth morning departure to it’s weekday commuter trains from the Hunter St GO (ex TH&B) Station. This is all due to the imminent construction of a new layover facility just east of the current Station.  

This layover facility eliminates the need to deadhead empty trains to and from Hamilton, and allows GO to run additional trains in it’s place. $6 million was allocated for this project.

For more, see the Spec: http://www.thespec.com/News/Local/article/353492

- Steve


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Georgetown Line: New GO train platform under construction at Brampton

By shost at 10:11 pm on Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Brampton GO/VIA Station will recieve a facelift this summer thanks to the construction of the following:

  • New South platform, Canopy & Shelters, snow-melting systems
  • New West Tunnel
  • Improved East Tunnel
  • New pedestrian and elevator access to both platforms

Construction has already begun and is slated to end in Spring 2009.

Source: Public information postings at Brampton Station, via Dan Dell’Unto.

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UofGuelph to Cooksville GO Train users: Milton line now has 12 car trains starting today

By shost at 10:54 pm on Tuesday, April 8, 2008

For users of the University of Guelph to Cooksville (Milton line Train service), your train ride has become less crowded:

From Go Transit:

“As we introduce our new, more powerful locomotives into service, we can now start lengthening Milton line GO Trains to 12 cars from the usual 10. This will make more seats available to our customers and help ease crowding on the trains.
All trains on the Milton line will eventually have 12 cars. Service with the extra passenger cars will be phased in starting Tuesday, April 8, with your afternoon homebound trip.”

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Will Waterloo Region ever catch the GO?

By shost at 11:52 pm on Friday, April 4, 2008

This post is largely an echo of the Niagara Falls Review article titled “Will We Ever Catch the GO?”

Announced in 2003, the Federal Government offered funding for GO Transit expansion to Kitchener/Waterloo and Guelph, amongst other areas such as Peterborough, and Niagara Region.

In addition, a 2006 provincial gov’t news release also hinted at studies for GO Bus extensions for Kitchener-Waterloo/Guelph

“The feasibility of providing infrastructure to support new and additional GO bus service extensions to support Peterborough, Cambridge, Niagara Falls and Guelph/Kitchener/Waterloo is being studied by the Province of Ontario and GO Transit. Results are expected in 2007.”

It did not take long for Guelph to obtain a near doubling of GO Bus service which has proven to be successful.  

However, What has held up ANY go service from linking Waterloo Region? Why is a municipality of 600,000 persons left without any GO service what so ever? I will be digging into the feasibility study promised for completion in 2007 to see what GO Transit has to say on the issue. However, the Federal Government held a large 400 million dollar carrot in part for these improvements in ’03, the Province (via GO Transit) is obviously on board by means of the 2006-2007 feasibility study.. and what of the Municipal Government of Waterloo Region? (See the ’06 election section of this site if you want to know what politicians said to get elected..)

If you want my opinion, if I was a resident of Waterloo Region I’d be asking my municipal politicians the very same questions I raised today.. feel free to point them at their own words if they were kind enough to respond to our ’06 questionnaire.


 - Steve Host

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Via Rail: We will stop at a new Hamilton GO Station

By shost at 11:34 pm on Friday, April 4, 2008

… The drama continues as VIA Rail reverses it’s statement about the Hamilton James St. North Station stop. From the Hamilton Spectator:

“Via spokesperson Catherine Kaloutsky says the Crown corporation’s trains will pull into LIUNA Station on James Street North when GO Transit builds the $3-million platform facility promised by Ontario.”

VIA Rail also went on to say they have no intent of putting any money into it — and will only use it if GO builds the platform. A nice way for the federal gov’t to leech off the Province.. =)



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