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GO westward expansion: planned layover site not sitting well with residents

By shost at 3:37 pm on Friday, April 17, 2009

It seems the planned layover locations have all been rejected and some seem highly opposed by local residents. The fourth location is at Nafziger Road, between Baden and New Hamburg. If this is not decided quickly, this could delay the arrival of train service if it is given the go ahead..

For more see the Record:



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GO expansion: Niagara region to get GO bus by fall

By shost at 12:35 pm on Friday, April 10, 2009

Starting in Grimsby (Casablanca @ QEW) and extending to a total of four park and ride “stations” (Likely in St Catherines and Niagara Falls), GO bus service will extend to Niagara with nine daily trips to Burlington GO Station starting this fall.

For more, visit:



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Guelph Mercury: GO Trains to Guelph not that far off

By shost at 1:49 pm on Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Various commentary on the Credit River Bridge and Aberfoyle improvements posted here last weekend, with an appearance by contributor David Graham:


Also notice how they make the connection with University of Guelph GO service to the Milton Line. I suspect if all day Milton service happens U of G would connect to it..


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GO Transit acquires the CNR Weston sub

By shost at 1:18 pm on Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The CNR Weston sub, which hosts Georegetown corridor trains, from Bramalea to downtown Toronto has been acquired by GO Transit for $160 million. (Source: PRnewswire, CN)



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Go Board proposes all day service to Milton, new to Bowmanville and other improvements

By shost at 3:45 pm on Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The GO Transit board, which will meet on Thursday April 9 will propose the following improvements:

  • All day service on the Milton line, requiring new trackage. EA to start in 2009 and complete in 2010.
  • Extension of service EA to Bowmanville (see note below)
  • 10 additional locomotives (Exercising an option for 10 more with MPI_
  • 25 additional GO coaches from Bombardier

More good news in a flurry of activity and spending from GO. Now, with regards to Bowmanville, how will Bowmanville be serviced? Would a new right of way, and extension of the dedicated GO right of way in Oshawa be required?

Could this overpass be re-used?


According to this website, this spur led to the Bowmanville Goodyear plant, crossed the 401 at grade for many years, then in the 1980′s the bridge was built but abandoned in the same decade. It sits unused and would probably be in excellent condition.

However, according to some websites (http://canadianstatesman.com/printArticle/102003) Land was purchased near downtown along the Canadian Pacific right of way.

The significance of this is important — if true, GO may be planning a new right of way AND a new crossing of the 401 requiring major capital investment. In this persons opinion, a precedent could very well be set for Cambridge if this proceeds.

- Steve


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Aberfoyle, Georgetown line and other funding announcements on Friday

By shost at 9:28 pm on Saturday, April 4, 2009

Federal Minister of Transport & Infrastructure John Baird, Ontario Minister of Transportation Jim Bradley, and GO Transit Chairman Peter Smith announced over 200 million dollars of improvements, for our region most notable:

* double tracking the credit river bridge on the georgetown line (a neccessary precursor to any go expansion to guelph/kw) with enough room to add a third track as neccesary
* new bus storage facility in Aberfoyle
* 20 new bilevel coaches and refurbishment of older locomotives to improve reliability and capacity until they are replaced with new locomotives
* Addition of a second station for Barrie (2 years after service begins) (Guelph should think long and hard about this, downtown won’t be the only station for very long if the Barrie example reflects well in Guelph!)

For more, (about two dozen improvements systemwide) see the media release


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Metrolinx slated to take over GO Transit

By shost at 10:25 am on Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Metrolinx, formerly the Greater Toronto Transit Authority, who as I understand it is the steering group that directs the planning for transit projects in the GTA (not just Toronto) has tabled legislation to take over GO Transit.

For more, please read the Globe article:



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