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Construction continues / No more 73 connection @ London

By shost at 9:18 am on Tuesday, May 10, 2011

For those in the Guelph and Kitchener Waterloo areas, construction continues  with a fury in both areas as they gear up for GO Train service. The Guelph Transit Terminal constrution is well under way, as well as other construction projects near the VIA Station.  In the next couple of months, new track will be laid in Guelph for a bridge diversion project. The main Commuter result so far is the VIA parking lot has been razed, and pedestrian access is the only method of entry to the VIA Rail station in Guelph.

If any Kitchener readers have updated photos of the construction of the layover facility, feel free to submit and we will have it posted.

Secondly, For persons who use Train #85 westward, a notice from VIA Rail has lent to inform it will no longer connect with #73 at London to Chatham or Windsor.

On the Kitchener light rail front, Communitech has lent support for LRT and a metroline survey shows 38% support for LRT, 32% for BRT, and 30% in favour of existing road improvements.

Here’s the catch, KW, you cannot improve your roads to relieve congestion. There is no room. How can you widen King St in downtown Kitchener, without razing buildings or eliminating pedestrian access? Highway 85 cannot be widened through Kitchener and into Waterloo without razing homes, and costing $$ much greater than the cost of LRT.

In effect, if 30% are in favour of improving roads, there is no choice but to allocate that to the LRT/BRT numbers.

The only method to improve road congestion in most cities is to provide alternatives to roads, which is why GO Transit and LRT/BRT is taking off throughout Ontario. Any cities left without will continue to be left behind, stuck in gridlock, wondering why they did not invest in their future when the opportunity arose in the early 2000′s..

- Steve

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