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Ontario Northland: Not only are the passenger trains cancelled – new highways delayed too.

By shost at 5:53 pm on Friday, December 14, 2012

Is the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines broke? The highway 69 expansion to Sudbury has been delayed in part (large part) beyond 2016 – and the current sections to be completed by 2016 are being funded by the Building Canada fund:
So not only are the ONTC passenger trains cancelled and the fire sale of the ONTC to proceed – but highway projects also on the backburner (mind you, the highways will just be delayed until a later date to be determined)


Also – Could this November 2010 report have been the one that killed ONTC?


“ONTC runs mixed passenger/freight trains along the northern portion of its track in an effort to supplement revenues. Further, a more extreme proposal to reduce costs was made in December 2000 when ONTC recommended to the Government of Ontario that the rail service be terminated and replaced by the existing express bus service[14]. Presently, the bus service is slightly less expensive, faster and more flexible than rail service. For example, there are four times as many bus trips as there are trains.”

“Finally, all the communities along the ONTC are connected by road to the surface transportation system, and have access to alternative means of transportation. This part of the funding program is not aligned with TC’s strategic objectives and is therefore not considered to be cost-effective.”

If the North is getting shafted – it’s only a matter of time they start looking at the South (Go Transit, etc) – VIA Rail is already on the Feds radar as per previous posts.

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New highway 7 coming in 2016 – Ready for this? $300-500 Million to be spent

By shost at 5:27 pm on Friday, December 14, 2012

$300 million is the cost in 2007 dollars and the province does not have an estimate on what the cost is today - and only a fraction of the required properties have been acquired.

GO Trains were bought to Kitchener/Waterloo for 1/20th of the cost ($18 million).  For this price we could have all day two way service and double track.


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Outlook for VIA Rail bleak – What’s the passenger subsidy for Roads? + other news

By shost at 10:45 pm on Thursday, December 13, 2012

This op-ed in the Montreal Gazette summarizes the current Conservative Governments stance on passenger rail:


Kitchener “one of” communities to be affected most by VIA Rail cuts


Waterloo Region Council approved $1.39 million contribution to GO Transit -


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