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Metrolinx is now in the Bike Trail business.. in Kitchener

By shost at 7:51 pm on Friday, September 5, 2014

Shhhhhhh – don’t tell the folks in the North Bay/Cochrane parts of Ontario – while there isn’t enough money to fund train service to Cochrane – Metrolinx is investing $1.2 million on a bike trail to connect Uptown Waterloo with the Kitchener GO station, via  a bike path. That’s right, Metrolinx is investing in non rail, non bus transit.

Link to council documents – see page 26

$1.2 million approx 1/3rd the cost – rest shared with municipal and regional Government. Multi modal transport is great – but really? Metrolinx involvement in this? Personally I think this is reaching too far..  and should be a purely a municipal matter.

Surely Ontario Northland train service is more expensive than a bike trail – but if you want to make some people bitter at politicians – cancel a train (the Northlander – “we don’t have the money” – Ontario Government) and pay for a bike path in the big city? You’ve succeeded.

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Second (and not last!) GO Layover facility being tendered.. Shirley Ave

By shost at 7:44 pm on Friday, September 5, 2014

So for the Kitchener-ites, Shirley ave – the ‘back road’ that acts as an alternate commuter route for those going east/west to/from Guelph and want to avoid Victoria.. there sits a little piece of property formerly known as Clarke Transport.

It seems Metrolinx bought this property and plans to build the second layover facility here. Why you ask? Good question – what’s wrong with building the real deal down by Baden that was planned and approved in the EA back in 2009? Will shirley Ave have enough room for the planned expansions? Will Shirley be itself replaced in 6 more years if say, all-day service comes to pass?

Either way – expect a multi-million dollar layover facility to be built at Shirley – clearly it’s already been designed..

link to bid documents on MERX

I’m all for increased service – but taxpayer money spent on another intermediate station only 3 years since the last was built? Details please..

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