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UPX Boondoggle? Taxpayer waste? Critics have it all wrong..

By shost at 9:59 am on Monday, February 29, 2016

Critics of the Union Pearson express have gone on record to say it’s a waste of taxpayer money, a white elephant, yada yada – wrong. Totally wrong. It cost $456 million (estimated cost as of 2010) ¬†which sounds like a lot of money, but remember , this same amount of money would only buy you 20 KM of highway widening — today.

5 KM of widening of the 401 in Cambridge will cost $150 million


GO service to Kitchener in 2011 was added for only $18 million..

Highways are *expensive* by an order of magnitude more than railway/transit projects and you get far less bang for the buck. These widenings will only last a year until traffic is back to stop and go during ‘peak periods’ due to the fact highways.. are constantly under pressure and commuters will fill every inch of space on our overcrowded artery highways..

Investments in transit are the only way to provide meaningful, long term returns for our investment at a relatively low cost.

If you think $150M is a lot of money, what is the new Highway 411, 407 extensions costing Ontario Taxpayers? A hell of a lot more money than UPX.

And widening the 401 from Mississauga to Cambridge? Multi billions………..but spread over 20 years while commuters continue to deal with the headaches, save for those smart enough to use Transit.

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Metrolinx: get your shit together! Allow VIA to use Weston Station.

By shost at 10:06 pm on Thursday, February 4, 2016

This is just stupid.

Let’s see here – VIA already has the time-slots through the station – and a two minute stop can’t be accommodated.. WHY?

Make the necessary adjustments and let the TRAIN DISPATCHERS do the rest of the work! Our money paid for this, and there is no damn reason why it can’t be accommodated.


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