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Go Board proposes all day service to Milton, new to Bowmanville and other improvements

By shost at 3:45 pm on Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The GO Transit board, which will meet on Thursday April 9 will propose the following improvements:

  • All day service on the Milton line, requiring new trackage. EA to start in 2009 and complete in 2010.
  • Extension of service EA to Bowmanville (see note below)
  • 10 additional locomotives (Exercising an option for 10 more with MPI_
  • 25 additional GO coaches from Bombardier

More good news in a flurry of activity and spending from GO. Now, with regards to Bowmanville, how will Bowmanville be serviced? Would a new right of way, and extension of the dedicated GO right of way in Oshawa be required?

Could this overpass be re-used?


According to this website, this spur led to the Bowmanville Goodyear plant, crossed the 401 at grade for many years, then in the 1980′s the bridge was built but abandoned in the same decade. It sits unused and would probably be in excellent condition.

However, according to some websites (http://canadianstatesman.com/printArticle/102003) Land was purchased near downtown along the Canadian Pacific right of way.

The significance of this is important — if true, GO may be planning a new right of way AND a new crossing of the 401 requiring major capital investment. In this persons opinion, a precedent could very well be set for Cambridge if this proceeds.

- Steve


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Comment by Tom West

April 8, 2009 @ 11:09 am

If GO are after a downtown location, King and Martin might be a good choice, given there’s room enoguh for a decent sized car park. Unlike the Goodyear spur, it would allow easy extension to Newcastle.
If the bridge over the 401 is where the CN and CP tracks run either side of the highway, then that also allows a station around Darlington to serve eastern Oshawa and Courtice.
I would worry about train capacity issues on the line, but if there 15 minute headwasy in the peak, that shouldn’t be a problem.

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Comment by John Yorke

April 22, 2009 @ 2:12 am

The document I saw had the Lakeshore corridor running up to the CP corridor just past the existing Oshawa station to have a second Oshawa station along the CP tracks and then continue in the CP corridor to Bowmanville.

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