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How your train service schedule could look in 2011..

By shost at 11:23 am on Tuesday, August 11, 2009
Guelph Eastbound (to Toronto):
co. train number time originates status
GO 204 05:53 Kitchener new
GO 206 06:17 Kitchener new
Via 86 07:01 London existing (at 07:05)
GO 210 07:13 Kitchener new
GO 252 08:13 Kitchener new
Via 84 09:52 Sarnia existing
Via 684 13:33 London new
Via 686 16:43 London new
Via 688 19:33 London new
Via 88 21:55 Sarnia existing (at 22:09)
Guelph Westbound (from Toronto):
co. train number time terminates status
Via 85 12:01 Sarnia existing (at 12:25)
Via 683 14:11 London new
GO 281 16:57 Kitchener new
GO 205 17:35 Kitchener new
Via 685 17:41 London new
GO 209 18:35 Kitchener new
Via 87 18:52 Sarnia existing (at 19:01)
Via 687 19:41 London new
GO 269 20:10 Kitchener new
Via 89 23:08 London existing (at 23:22)

The above table, created by David Graham in his article here could be your train schedule for Guelph (not including bus service!) for commuters and travellers alike in 2011. What a stark contrast from todays schedule (via rail website)


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Comment by Jim A

August 22, 2009 @ 11:35 am

There is an obvious gap in this service schedule. An earlier departure from Toronto – say 0900h – would serve both same day business trips up line and allow patrons of the Stratford Festival to have a lunch before an afternoon show; whereas now, it is a tight run to get to a performance.

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Comment by shost

August 26, 2009 @ 8:58 pm

No Doubt. Remember “The International” — the joint Amtrak/Via service to Chicago? It departed Toronto about 0800, Guelph/Kitchener about 0900 and provided a possible commuter option westward..

But there was nothing to take passengers back eastward…

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