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Guelph Tribune: Heritage may derail GO plans for train station grounds @ Guelph Downtown

By shost at 10:53 pm on Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Essentially, GO is attempting to purchase the former factory across from the Guelph VIA Station. One portion of the building was built in the 1890′s, and GO wishes to demolish this portion to build a kiss’n'ride. Local councillors are asking GO to modify plans and find a way to save part or all of the building  There is a portion of the structure, which was built in the 1860′s which will be saved as it is designated.

The article goes on to state there is a risk GO may change their plans and move the station east or west if Downtown will not accomodate their plans. This would have large implications for Guelph’s $10m transit hub which is just about to start construction, right across from the VIA/GO Station.


Advice to Council: Let the 1890′s part of the building go,  GO will not require any additional building space adjacent to the station, but what is absolutely required is a method to get people out of their cars. You either provide parking and/or kiss’n-ride. Without it, the station WILL eventually be forced to move.  As well, the kiss-n-ride area could easily assist the Transit Terminal in its success, providing an alternate means to drop off passengers who wish to use any of the multi-modal transit that will use the site.  Work with GO and see if they have anything to say, but do not hold up plans to build their portion of the station..

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