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Politicians irate over GEXR <-> VIA fee dispute, holding back passenger train improvements

By shost at 10:39 am on Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Carl Zehr, Kitchener Mayor:

““We have communicated verbally and in writing to both parties to come to an agreement,” Zehr, who is heading up a coalition of mayors along the rail line, said.”

“VIA has asked the Canada Transport Agency, a federal regulator, to arbitrate the issues.”

“Until the lease expires in 2018, both VIA and GO must first come to an agreement with the Goderich Exeter Railway about the fees to be paid for increased use of the track before service can be improved.”

Editor comment: Where is CN in all of this? CN Owns the Railway, and like any landowner/buildingowner, they will end up with the improvements when the tenant walks away. It’s not like GEXR has to pay for much if anything.  It’s as if the Government offers to put an addition on a house you rent, you say “NO! who’s going to pay for the extra heating bills”  while the landlord SHOULD be in the background saying “yes please!”

Where is the landlord (CN) in this? News editors: Give Mark Hallman of CN Public Relations a call, see what he has to say.

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