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GO Trains are NOT coming in 2011, and other election rhetoric

By shost at 7:46 am on Saturday, October 9, 2010

A few notes about the Guelph election scene, and some words for our politicians  and media employees:


David birtwhistle, one of the only actually challenging candidates to incumbant Karen Farbridge is rallying against the Transit Terminal.

  • What commercial harm will occur to landowners near the Station, especially hotels and restaraunts when thousands of people a day are walking by to take trains or the bus? Sure, the won’t get off the GO train to have some drinks and dancing at Trappers Alley/The Palace (ha ha ha!) but any Hotel that close to a transit amenity is sure to have some benefit. Commercial real estate and business will find solution to the problem..
  • Who really thinks GO Trains are coming by 2011 anymore? This is not possible, seeing that no shovels are in the ground and it really is a 2 year construction project at minimum. Time for a reality check, Trib editors..
  • David, do you take the bus? have you walked from Greyhound’s Toronto station to Union Station to catch a train due to our dismal train service to Toronto, only to realize it’s a good 10 minute walk? While St. Georges Square to Carden St is not 10 minutes, it’s quite inconvenient. Integrating transit is a forward thinking idea that should happen, get out of your car, take the bus or train in and out of town and see for yourself why.

GO Parking in Guelph an election issue?


Need I remind our readers (Wait, i’m preaching to the Choir!) that GO is responsible for parking for its patrons, having the City of Guelph solve the problem on our own should not be required. In theory, GO should provide ticket revenue sharing in consideration of either parking and/or transit access for GO ticket holders. Yes the City of Guelph may have helped steer the downtown location.. if GO sees sufficient demand they will act alone and build a station as required elsewhere with parking. Mark my words, just it will take you a few (5? 10?) years to see it come to fruition..

What’s going on in Waterloo region? Please forward your links and discussion.

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Comment by DAvid

October 9, 2010 @ 9:52 am

Absolutely nothing. The only transit rhetoric here is about light rail; GO seems to have vanished from the public eye.

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