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Guelph Tribune: GO considering single GO departure to KW/Guelph in 2011, VIA Integration, and free Guelph VIA parking ends monday

By shost at 8:46 pm on Thursday, October 14, 2010

Well well, not a few days after our remarks does an article come in the Mercury, written by Doug Hallett, appearning to be largely taken from City of Guelph staffer Rajan Philips, which states no less:


  • GO appears to be considering adding a single train in 2011 to start service, with no new platforms or parking required (use existing infrastructure)
  • GO and VIA may decide to integrate, so ticket holders of VIA 86/7 and the possible GO train can choose which train to ride. This would give users two options for commuting to Toronto with a single ticket
  • Free parking at Guelph’s VIA station ends Monday. (We mentioned this a long time ago, and also remind readers that Kitchener went pay for parking 5  years ago! Guelph commuters were lucky to have parking!)


VIA parking article:


… and need we state the obvious: the fact commuters are driving to Georgetown or Milton to get GO service only reminds us all there is demand for Train service in Guelph. I would personally welcome a single GO train if it was integrated with VIA, at least it is a start, but alas only multiple trips and a parking solution will attract the ridership to sustain service in the long term.

- Steve Host

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Comment by Tom West

October 15, 2010 @ 9:08 am

The people of Guelph obviously want to take the train to Toronto, and I think whether service is provided by VIA or GO doesn’t really matter. However, if service is provided by VIA *and* GO, then there has to be some sort of integration in terms of fares.

I agree that more trains from Guelph will induce more demand for the train, and that parking is required to accomadate that demand. As the article poitns out, even one GO Train will double the number of trains available to commuters.

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