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KW: GO Transit learning to communicate / Waterloo Region transit options multiply

By shost at 11:42 pm on Monday, February 14, 2011

An Article by Jeff Outhit on GO’s growing up pains


Did GO have enough time to react to do this properly, though? Seriously, how quickly was the decision made to bring service by end of 2011? GO probably didn’t make that decision.. regardless the need to communicate with Stakeholders is paramount…

And more from Waterloo region: the new options for Transit almost all include Rapid Rail transit.


This is priceless for Light Rail backers:

“Planners have included a roads-only option for comparison. It suggests taxpayers would have to spend an extra $500 million to expand roads if no rapid transit system is built. Taxes would rise by $150 over six years.”

Hello…. Waterloo Region: If you do not build a rail transit option, you will run out of roads and be forced to demolish/expropriate more land to build highways. If you want to be a world class city, you need rapid transit, and rapid transit (even Subways) run on Rails. It’s funny how complacent we have become since our Rail Transit systems dissapeared in the 1950′s..

If you want to learn firsthand about these transit systems (Kitchener/Waterloo/Bridgeport had streetcars,  Waterloo to Galt and beyond had rail transit) read the book by John Mills, “Ontario’s Grand River Valley Electric Railways” — every Rapid Transit follower in Waterloo region should read this book.


- Steve

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