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Waiting for action…

By shost at 1:40 pm on Wednesday, September 14, 2011

You might be looking at this site looking for the latest on the GO Kitchener/Guelph/Action expansion. What’s happening? In short, it’s very quiet, because GO is busy implementing.

  • The Kitchener layover yard is being constructed. This is critical to the project as it is the largest piece of infrastructure being built directly as a result of the project. Anyone with updated photos of the construction please submit them to us.
  • The Guelph transit terminal is well under way, which involves numerous otherwise seperate projects, but do have an impact on the GO project. This includes: Transit Terminal (Carden St. is well under way), VIA Station renovations (City purchased the station and will renovate, this has not started yet), Wyndham St. bridge replacement (requires a shoo-fly and new track construction, they are working on the south track and well underway but still less than 50% done). All of these have come together at a critical time and may or may not have potential to delay the GO project
  • Acton, Kitchener station improvements - not sure what the plans are for  station changes other than potential Ahrens. St closure  and kiosks in Kitchener, but Acton needs shelters, kiosks (POP/etc) and removal of the fence at the Hide House (old station location). Nothing started in Acton as of 2 months ago.
  • When will service start? Politicians want it to start ASAP, after all there is an election. Will it start this year? Highly unlikely. When will fares and schedules be announced? Only once the light at the end of this construction tunnel can be seen. There could still be delays to any of these projects, as usually happens in construction project management.

But from what has been mentioned, fares will be very simillar if not the same as current Bus fare. Newspapers posted their version of the fares a few months ago, but in reality even Fares are not yet set by GO.

Stay tuned, once more concrete information is known we will post it here.  It promises to be a long and quiet fall, but I suspect we will have more details mid or late winter.

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Comment by Sean Sheppard

September 24, 2011 @ 1:50 pm

I have just been walking near the site of the Kitchener Go Train storage yard. They have started laying down tracks for that facility. One set appears to already be complete alongside the Via Rail tracks and the second set is being put in place now. Not sure about the switching/crossover that will connect these tracks to the mainline though.

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