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GO Train ridership initial numbers – 150 people per day ride the train from Kitchener and Guelph stations

By shost at 12:42 pm on Saturday, February 11, 2012

Go Transit has answered questions regarding average daily ridership, between December 19 2011 and January 27 2012 the average daily ridership was 150 persons. Divided as follows:

* 85 passengers per day from Kitchener (With about 100 parking spaces provided by the City of Kitchener)

* 65 passengers per day from Guelph (No parking provided by GO, riders have to use City of Guelph parking options)

According to The Record, these numbers were in line with GO’s estimates for initial ridership, and GO expects ridership to continue to grow.

For comparison, The Barrie expansion in 2007 within 2 months saw ridership numbers of 400+ people, and provided free parking. GO has since re-opened a second station in Barrie (Allandale) and added parking.

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Comment by Sean

February 12, 2012 @ 12:11 pm

There a lot of things Guelph could, no should, be doing to get ridership up. They did the right thing to make a deal for discounted GO fares, however, promotion of this is lacking as well the shuttles don’t seem to be getting more than a half a dozen people, especially from the commuter heavy south end.

One of the problems with the shuttle is that its great to get to the station, but getting home after work – forget about it! The train arrives at 6:18 and 7:18, when all the buses are out of the square/new transit terminal at 15 after the hour. A simple solution would be to have the 4 shuttles run at 20 or 25 after the hour instead of leaving people in downtown for 25 minutes. It is already a long commuter day (up to 12-14 hours) so there is no excuse not to at least do this since all the ‘extras’ are not in use at that time. Doing at least that will convince people to leave the car at home. More promotion of this service would be good. Haven’t heard or seen anything since December.

The other issue is parking. The city claims there is a shortage of parking, but after reading how much parking they sell to the Co-operators/other nearby businesses, and the fact that they don’t use them all plus there is always 400 empty spots a day on average, clearly means the city could free up 50 spots either at the parkade or on Neeve. The Guelph Factor rears its head on this one, since staff don’t want to loose revenue and do not want to cut the price down without some subsidy from GO, which at the moment is unlikely. If the city is serious about keeping and growing this service, it needs to suck up the loss for the short term so that long term we get better service and ridership. These two changes would go a long way.

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Comment by Michael D

February 15, 2012 @ 2:31 pm

For more comparison, Barrie service was (re-)launched with four peak trains a day instead of the two that Kitchener service started with.

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