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GO Trains to Cambridge – $110 million (at least) – Metrolinx sidelines plans but continues to meet with Waterloo Region

By shost at 7:33 pm on Saturday, February 25, 2012

An interesting article out of Waterloo region, Metrolinx is still meeting with “The Region” to discuss plans on GO trains to Cambridge, but the budget is obviously not there for a project of this size.

It’s not Metrolinx’ fault though, considering that the Province (MTO) will spend hundreds of millions to widen highways between Parry Sound and Sudbury, or North Bay. $110 million is a flash in the pan compared to some road budget expenditures.

Nonetheless,  this is a good summary of why GO trains to Cambridge have not been pushed much further, mostly due to the double tracking of 17 miles of track from Campbellville to Galt which would be required at a minimum.


Keep fighting, Cambridge, one day you will win, the 401 can only be widened so many times and so far before realizing the better bang for the buck would be spent on our underutilized people moving corridors such as our rail lines.

- Steve

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Comment by Kevin

March 6, 2012 @ 9:26 pm

There are 2 main exercises required to obtain GO Rail service to Cambridge.

The first to cut-off the alternative of forever widening the highway, by approving development right up against the R.O.W. and opposing any expenditure on widening it in the interim.

The second is to push the additional track required on the existing Milton line into existence as this will take care of much of the ‘heavy-lifting’ in producing required rail capacity for the Cambridge extension and has the advantage of many other political allies, notably Mississauga.

Once these two are achieved, GO service to Cambridge will be forthcoming.


On a related note…..if in the wake of the recent derailment, a case can be made for mandating positive-train control in Canada, that may make it less attractive for GEXR to retail the ‘north main line’ which in turn may make it more practical for VIA and/or Metrolinx to acquire it and upgrade it, thus allowing more fullsome service to K-W.

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Comment by Scott

March 24, 2012 @ 11:07 am

Are you crazy? Of course the government shouldn’t spend $110 million dollars on a project that maybe 200 people will use everyday. 100,000 people use the 401 from Cambridge to the GTA everyday. 100,000! Let’s get off the transit soap box and talk about actual return on investment.

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