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Kitchener/Waterloo GO Train an obvious success

By shost at 8:32 am on Friday, September 20, 2013

I managed to be in Kitchener for the arrival of GO 207 last night (First GO train to arrive at Kitchener) – and to say the least the crowd that got off the train was quite substantial. If I was to guess i’d hazard about 200 people got off the train and the platform crowd was quite full. Combining this with the crowds at Guelph and Acton, it seems safe to me that we’re well over a thousand people a day using all three stations, or 260,000 people per year per direction. I believe the true numbers to be higher than this.

There will always be nay-sayers ( more on Waterloo naysayers later ) but the truth of the matter is the GTHA needs MORE transit options, not less, and if you build it, indeed, they will come. Our highways are continually congested at rush hour and transit avoids the need to build or expand our highway network to unreasonable levels – while saving taxpayers oodles of money on costly road expansions. Remember it only cost $18M to remove 500,000 cars a year off our area highways and these numbers will continue to increase.

More condos are coming online in Guelph and Kitchener by the GO station and if Guelph is any bellweather – all the condo projects downtown sold out in mere weeks. Certainly GO transit had something to do with this..

Now, if you believe Places to Grow and the future of population growth in the GTHA – the call for more Transit (GO Train, Light Rail) would be heeded by the municpalities involved. The next post will make you cringe..

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