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Metrolinx? What’s wrong? Too much money to blow?

By shost at 8:30 pm on Friday, April 7, 2017

To Metrolinx:


Really? A grand central terminal for the booming metropolis of Bloomington, located in the desirable Greenbelt? How much is this terminal going to cost? $30,000,000? $50,000,000?

What happened to a platform and a wooden shed for a station like in the old days? Just kidding, sorta,  a proper station is fine but really? What’s with the cathedral?

With this money one could bring GO trains to Peterborough! Granted you’d have to do it on the cheap like was done on the Guelph subdivision (Kitchener line) when $18M extended GO service to Kitchener..

Let’s dial it down a bit guys – Hamilton (James St. North aka West Harbour) deserved their large and expensive station – the money is a wise investment in a city of a large population and an up and coming neighbourhood… which is now rife with developers beautifying the once drab landscape of North Hamilton..

But Bloomington?

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