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Environmental benefits

A site about commuter options should not go without mentioning the environmental benefits of using transit:

From the GO transit website, they have the following to say about the environmental benefits:

Environmental benefits: The average Toronto car carries only 1.16 people, so one 10-car GO Train carries the same number of people as 1,400 air-polluting cars, and one bus can replace more than 50 cars. GO TRIP projects will provide additional capacity equivalent to 10 expressway lanes, and will lead to the reduction of 1.1 million vehicle-kilometres of car travel every day.”

We would at least reccomend the following if you wish to help reduce your environmental footprint as a commuter:

  • Carpool! Probably one of the easiest immediate ways to help the environment until you consider these alternatives:
  • Ride public transit
  • Take the Train or Bus when travelling inter-city
  • Use local public transit to get to/from your destination when using the train/greyhound/GO bus/etc
  • Bike or walk to your destination.